Herpetofauna diversity and evaluation of threaten category based on modelling and potential distribution of two endemic species from the Serra do Cabral, Brazil: Scinax cabralensis and Bokermannohyla sagarana

About The Project

We are conducting an inventory if the herpetofauna of the Serra do Cabral encompassing dry and wet seasons and using several sampling techniques. Special attention is given to points of occurrence of two endemic frog species, Bokermannohyla sagarana and Scinax cabralensis, whose distribution is being modelled based on climatic data. Vegetation cover is being mapped for the present and projected for the future to infer what is likely to happen with these frogs if habitat destruction keeps in the same pace. We intend to produce an illustrated field guide for the species of amphibians and reptiles from the Serra do Cabral and provide data to infer the threath category of the two recently described endemic species.