Paula Cabral Eterovick
Amphibians are fascinating, although I am interested in any kind of life and the ecological and evolutionary mechanisms that shape their existence...

Doctoral Candidates

Jéssica Stephanie Kloh
I work with tapdole ecology, with emphasis on ecomorphology, diet and other ecological factors that shape the development of ...

Master Candidates

Daniel Simim Bezerra


Maurício Carlos Martins de Andrade
I study vertebrate ecology in caves, focusing mainly on amphibians, birds and mammals. I look for the ecological importance of caves to these animals, considering their specific needs, threats, and biological interactions with other species within caves or at their surroundings.
Ítalo Moreira Martins
I study amphibian behavioral ecology, focusing on tadpole coloration as an anti-predator strategy. I’m interested in ecology, evolution, and animal behavior.
António Jorge do Rosário Cruz
I am a great admirer of reptile life. Thus, I dedicate a good amount of my time to study their natural history, ecology, etnozoology and conservation...
Nathália Gonçalves da Silva Lima
My project is aimed at understanding what factors influence the distribution of species and, consequently, biological diversity. I have particular interest in ecology and conservation, animal behavior and the use of molecular tools as an anternative method to estimate amphibian species richness.