Paula Cabral Eterovick
Amphibians are fascinating, although I am interested in any kind of life and the ecological and evolutionary mechanisms that shape their existence...

Doctoral Candidates

António Jorge do Rosário Cruz
I am a great admirer of reptile life. Thus, I dedicate a good amount of my time to study their natural history, ecology, etnozoology and conservation...
Nathália Gonçalves da Silva Lima
My project is aimed at understanding what factors influence the distribution of species and, consequently...

Master Candidates

Jéssica Stephanie Kloh
I work with tapdole ecology, with emphasis on ecomorphology, diet and other ecological factors that shape the development of ...
Thiago dos Santos
We work today with the purpose of increasing knowledge for the conservation of species of the herpetofauna that...
Ana Sofia Buza Gontijo
I’ve been in projects focused on diet, behavior, and parasitology of anurans, as well as adaptive value of tadpole coloration ...
Gabriela Rodrigues de Melo
I work with tadpole behavior related to predator-prey interactions. I’m interested in projects related to behavioral ecology and ...
Laila Mascarenhas Pimenta
I am a Masters candidate at the Post Graduation Program of “Análise e Modelagem de Sistemas Ambientais” at the...

Ex-Students – Master Degree

Katia A. Kopp (
Milena Wachlevski (
Lilian G. Afonso (
Felipe S. F. Leite (
Izabela M. Barata (
Francisco F. R. Oliveira (
Bruno Pacheco
Antônio M. Linares (
Isabela Lazarotti de Oliveira (
Luis Felipe Fernandes Bar (
Raphael da Silva Lima (
Nathália Gonçalves da Silva Lima (
Juan Espanha Moreira Dias (
Vitor Souza Borges (
Felipe Natali Santos Queirós (
Carolina Freitas de Araújo (
Camila Rabelo Rievers (
Adriano Marques de Souza (